• The following Chairs or Co-Chairs are needed for the 2021-2022 School Year.  If you are interested or want more information on any of these please contact us at arthursmaypta@gmail.com.

    Fifth Grade T-shirts/Ice Pops or Ice Cream after Picnic -**NEED A CHAIR OR CO-CHAIRS** (Generally a 5th grade parent)

    Reflections - **CO-CHAIR/S NEEDED**

    Staff Appreciation - **CO-CHAIR NEEDED**

    Scholastic Book Fairs - *CO-CHAIR NEEDED*

    Mother’s Day Plant Sale - **CO-CHAIR/S NEEDED**

    Family Math and Game Night/Game Day - **CO-CHAIR NEEDED**

    Game Club - **CO-CHAIR NEEDED**

    School Pictures - **CO-CHAIR NEEDED**

    Book Swap or Grab -**CO-CHAIR NEEDED**