District, School, and Classroom Communications


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    Arlington uses ParentSquare for school-to-home communications. This has replaced SchoolMessenger. We are using ParentSquare to send important district information, including alerts for school closings and delays.

    District, school, and classroom information will be sent to your computer or phone via email and text. For even more convenience, download the ParentSquare app (free for iOS and Android devices). 

Download the ParentSquare App

  • Available on the App Store

  • Get it on Google Play

Here's What You Can Do With ParentSquareContent

    • Receive notifications about school closings and delays
    • Receive messages from the District and school via email, text, or app notification.
    • Receive pictures and files
    • See calendar items
    • Choose to receive information as it comes, or all at once at 6 pm daily.
    • More features to come! 

ParentSquare Overview