• Order your yearbook

    Welcome to the LMS yearbook.  

    Yearbooks are offically on sale.  

    The only way to gurantee a book is to order online between now and April 30th when online ordering closes.  

    After April 30th books will only be sold once they arrive at school.  These books can not be guranteed.  Make sure to order online.



    September 1st - December 31st 2021 book cost $25 (our introductory price)

    January 1st  - April 30th 2022 (ONLNE ORDERING CLOSING DATE) book cost $30

    After May 1st you will need to order in school (ONLY AFTER THEY ARRIVE in June) book cost $35


    To order a yearbook: 

    Yearbook ordering page either use code 13329422 or search NY and LaGrangeville 

     If that link does not work please try:  either use code 13329422 or search NY and LaGrangeville


    To upload photos to be considered for our book:   

    (NO BABY PICTURES, these should be uploaded on the google forms added by your students' teacher)

    We are always looking for great photos to include of your students.  

    They can be from: The first day, Sports pictures, Concerts, Music, Field trips, Kids being kids, Things around town, Etc... 

    Please upload to an existing folder or create one of your own, use our new LMS Shutterfly shares site in the link below. 

    Please DO NOT EMAIL PHOTOS to Ms. Papp or Ms. Tetreault it jams up our email boxes.  However you can email us questions.

    Shutterfly will make you create an account and request permission before you can add your first photos. We will grant these as soon as we get them, it might take time so please be patient.



    Https://    (in case the link does not work)


    Any questions please email:

    Ms. Papp - 

     Ms. Tetreault -