• Students should dress for school in a safe and practical manner.  While students should dress comfortably for school, their dress should be appropriate for school, particularly in warmer weather.  Examples of inappropriate attire include, but are not limited to:

    • In indoor areas, hats of any kind
    • Clothing with explicitly or implicitly vulgar or profane writing
    • Clothing referring to beer, alcohol, or drugs
    • Any outfit exposing undergarments such as low riding pants or pants with revealing holes
    • Revealing shirts that expose midriffs and/or plunging necklines
    • Strapless clothing including tube tops
    • Spaghetti strap shirts
    • Clothing that obstructs a student’s identity, including hoods from sweatshirts or jackets
    • Excessively short shorts or skirts
      • ­Shorts should be loose fitting and finger tip length when your hands are held relaxed at your side.  We have found that a 4 inch inseam (at least) is a good guide for shorts that are appropriate for school.

    We have revised the policy from previous years.  We are asking for your cooperation with this matter in order to maintain an appropriate learning environment.