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Hello everyone,
My name is Papp. I began my teaching career in Brooklyn New York as an Elementary School Science Teacher for grades K - 6. After several years 
in NYC I decided it was time to move back to the Hudson Valley.  After looking around at several schools in the area I discovered and fell in love with LaGrange Middle School and all it had to offer its students. I was personally drawn to the great Earth Science program already in action. I knew LMS was a school with fantastic students, staff and resources. This is my fourthteenth year at LMS and I am looking forward to continued success. My goal in the science program is to help strengthen and further fine tune it.

Mission For The Class:
My first mission in the classes that I teach is to help foster a love of learning and a love of science. I also aim to not only get all of my students through their science tests but to help students achieve the highest possible scores which I know they are capable of. However, besides grades I really set out to open my students eyes to the fascinating world of science. I feel this is an area where the world needs more young men and women going out into. Lastly and certainly not least, I work very hard to help develop my students to be well rounded individuals during this critical age of development.


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 to sign onto my google classroom account:

Period 2. Sign on using the code: 5kd75jc

Period 4. Sign in using the code: tc655el

Period 7. Sign in using the code: bhrtzxo

Period 9: sign in with the code: crlmnid



Powerpoints, labs and review guides are on the left side of this page under the drop down for Regents Earth Science. 


Work if we are not here:

Finish Mineral Lab

Rocks Powerpoint notes (copy into your book)

Rock Lab (just try it)

     Igneous: Obsidian, Granite, Scoria

     Sedimentary:  Conglomerate, Sandstone, Shale

     Metamorphic:  Schist, Marble, Gneiss

Review Book Topic 11.  Read topic and complete Part A 1-33 (try your best)

Contintental Drift Theory notes (copy into your book)


If by any chance this quarintine is to continue past 2 weeks your next set of work willl be as follows

Again, you do not have to worry about this work, unless we remain out of school past our scheduled time.

Be safe everyone. 


Complete continentral drift theory lab.  This is under files on the left side of my website, under regents, by powerpoints.

Use my powerpoint as a reference and it should help you out a lot.

Again this will not be collected or graded right when we get back.  We first need to go through all of the rock lab notes together.

Then we will discuss this lab in class to make sure everyone is understandng what to do.

This will just help things go faster and smoother when we return to keep us on track.


Next copy down Faults, Earthquakes and Volcaones power point into your notebook.

Do your best to complete the faults lab.  Again, like the CDT and Rock Lab I am just asking you to try this.  

We will go over all of this in class long before it is assigned.

I am not asking you to try the Earthquake lab (you may notice my powerpoint refers to an earth quake lab)

I feel I need to explain a lot in person with that lab.

You will complete the review guide for Topic 6 which is already uploaded on my files.

Complete review book pages (will be posted shortely)