• We would like to invite you to attend our annual 

    8th Grade Recognition Night Ceremony 

    to be held on Friday, June 21st at 6:00 p.m.

    in the auditorium

    at Arlington High School.  

    This is a night to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments 

    of our eighth grade students and 

    their contributions during their attendance at LaGrange Middle School. 


    Ceremony Information

    1.  All students must arrive between 5:00-5:15pm.  Students must be dropped off at the Main Entrance – the doors directly under the High School sign where you see the white pillars.  Parents may drop their child off before they park.  The auditorium is located to the right of the main entrance as you enter the AHS parking lot.  Parents will enter the auditorium at the door marked “Parent Entrance''.

    2. Students will be directed to Cafeteria A and Cafeteria B after entering through the main doors.  

    3. All students are asked to dress in appropriate attire.  Students should be encouraged to dress nicely as they will be receiving their certificates on stage. 

    4. Students will be lined up alphabetically by 5:45 and will be entering the auditorium promptly at 6:00.

    5. Parents will only be allowed 2 tickets which they will receive when they arrive through the parent entrance of the auditorium. The student who is moving up does not need a ticket. The auditorium will be near capacity with the allocation of 2 tickets per family and the additional seats required for almost 300 students and chaperones.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with this. 

    6. If you need further information regarding the ceremony or have any extenuating circumstances in reference to the number of tickets allocated per family, please contact Mrs. Cirrito in the guidance office at 486-4884.  Thank you for your cooperation.