Students can complete the Seal of Civic Readiness Capstone Project either as part of the Civic Engagement and Leadership class offered at Arlington High School or on their own under the advisement of a Seal of Civic Readiness Committee member. Satisfactory completion and presentation of the project to the Seal of Civic Readiness Committee will allow students to earn 4 out of 6 points required for the New York State Seal of Civic Readiness. 

    A Civic Readiness Capstone Project is a culminating, experiential, summative project assessing a student’s Civic  Knowledge, Skills & Actions, and Civic Mindset that will be:

    • Social Studies standards-based.
    • Locally developed. 
    • Authentic, hands-on, and include real-world investigation and application.

    The Capstone Project includes these Essential Elements

    • Identify an issue (local, state, national, or global).
    • Apply civic knowledge, skills, actions, and mindsets to the issue.
    • Engage in a civic experience based on the issue to influence positive change to the community (local, state, national, or global).
    • Present overall project to the school’s School Of Civic Readiness Committee.

    In a Civic Readiness Capstone project, students will:

    • Identify a civic issue (problem) facing them, their school, or their community.
    • Analyze a civic issue (problem), evaluate alternative solutions, design and/or execute a solution for this problem.
    • Take informed action to address the civic issue. 
    • Reflect on what they have learned about their school or community from the Capstone project. 
    • Make a presentation about their Civic Readiness Capstone project.

Seal of Civic Readiness: High School Capstone Project Resources