• The Senior Lounge, issue 4/15

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 4/16/2021

    Here are some updates:

    1. Spirit Week reminder for next week!

    2. Cap & Gown distribution scheduled for Friday, May 14 from 10-3 in lobby 2 for in-person students and for fully remote students we plan on after school on 5/14 in the south lobby.

    3. Puff Bowl, Sunday, May 16. Sign up by Monday, April 26.

    4. Prom: Outside guests are allowed. Location: Grandview. June 22 and 23, 3-6 and 7:30-10:30

    5. Graduation: We're going ahead with June 12 at Dutchess Stadium. Two sessions, 8-10 and 11:30-1:30. Negative Covid test within 72 hours of event OR vaccination proof OR lab confirmed case and recovery.

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  • The Senior Lounge, issue 4/7/21

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 4/7/2021

    Hey Most Excellent 2021 Seniors!

    Here's what I covered in today's, "The Senior Lounge:"

    1. Spirit Week planned for week of 4/19:

    Monday - 4/19 - Pajama Day

    Tuesday - 4/20 - Tie Dye Tuesday

    Wednesday - 4/21 - USA Day / Senior Showcase

    Thursday - 4/22 -Twin Day Thursday

    Friday - 4/23 - AOE  Day / Arlington Colors Day

    Saturday - 4/24 - Last home football game 6:30

    2. Make sure you order your cap and gown NOW if you haven't already! Call Jostens if you need to confirm: 1-203-453-9000. Distribution coming in May.

    3. We are exploring Dutchess Stadium as our graduation venue again. If so, graduation would be 6/12. Two sessions. More to come...

    4. See PTSA website for lawn sign information.

    5. Parents are planning an event for June 21 for seniors on the same day as senior BBQ. More to come...

    6. Prom updates: Outside guests will be allowed. Prom being planned over 2 days, June 22 and 23. Two sessions each day, three hours per session, 3-6 and 7:30-10:30. Grandview. Sign up information still being worked out. Stay tuned!

    7. Homework: Bring a friend to next week's "The Senior Lounge!"

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  • The Senior Lounge, issue 3/24

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 3/24/2021

    Hello Most Excellent Seniors!

    Thanks to all who came to "The Senior Lounge" virtual meeting with Dr. Carroll today. Here are some updates we talked about:

    1. Don't forget to apply for scholarships available through Naviance. The Arlington Education Foundation has a slew of scholarships available and info can be found on the website here.

    2. Spirit Week is coming April 19-23! You are the first to know! 

    Mon. 4/19 - Pajama Day; Tues. 4/20 - Tie Dye; Weds. 4/21 - USA; Thurs. 4/22 - Jersey Day; 4/23 - Arlington Spirit. Spirit week will culminate with some senior events to be determined on Saturday, 4/24 before the final home football game that starts at 6:30. We hope to include a livestream of the game in the building and some other fun stuff outside. Stay tuned!

    3. Graduation update - Unfortunately, we learned today that we will not be able to use Dutchess Stadium for graduation due to MLB rules around player safety. So, we are hard at work planning an alternative, quite possibly on the AHS campus itself. No matter where we hold it, graduation will be special and memorable!

    4. Prom update - The survey results are in and we heard from over 450 seniors. We continue to work with Grandview to schedule a memorable prom that follows Covid guidelines and the current thinking that we are trying to work out is four sessions of 200 people outside at three hours each over the course of two days, Tues., 6/22 and Weds., 6/23. Stay tuned as we fine tune this plan in the coming weeks. Our parents are continuing to plan a pre-prom activity at AHS to make a day of it.

    Hang in there, MECE 2021! Safely enjoy spring break and have a well-deserved break!

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  • The Senior Lounge, issue 3/17

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 3/18/2021

    Dr. Carroll hosted another, "The Senior Lounge," virtually and shared updates on senior events and got feedback from attendees.

    1. AEF scholarships are available. Info and application available on the Class on 2021 Google Classroom or the house webpage.

    2. Senior Trivia Competition was announced and held on Weds, 3/17 and a fun time was had by all! Thank you Small Schools Committee for making this happen!

    3.  Prom update - We have a verbal agreement with the Grandview in Poughkeepsie for Wed., 6/23. They can accommodate 100 inside (150 with negative Covid test) and 200 outside. As a result, we intend to hold two waves at 2 hours each, 5:30-7:30 & 8:30-10:30. A group of parents is meeting on 3/18 to brainstorm and plan pre-prom activities at AHS to supplement the event. 

    4. Graduation update - We are in discussion with Dutchess Stadium about what graduation might look like there within the confines of state Covide regulations. We are also discussing the possibility of holding graduation at AHS. Graduation is slated for Saturday, June 26.

    Next TSL will be Weds., 3/24 at a time TBA.

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  • The Senior Lounge 3/10

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 3/10/2021

    We had a nice turn out of seniors in todays, "The Senior Lounge." Remember that this forum is virtual for the time being. Apologies to anyone who showed up in person!

    Dr. Carroll updated seniors on the senior prom. YES! The senior prom will be happening. It will take place the last week of school leading up to graduation PROBABLY on 6/24. Once we have finalized a venue, we will post the date officially. We have been in conversation with Anthony's Pier 9 in New Windsor about holding our prom there. Most likely, the prom will be in two waves of two groups of 150 seniors and a final wave of 150 students. (Anthony's has two large spaces.) It all depends on the number of students who purchase tickets. We may have to limit attendance to only Arlington students, but this hasn't been decided definitely yet.

    A parent group is forming to brainstorm, plan, and implement a companion event/activity that will most likely take place at AHS ijust before prom on the same day.

    Dr. Carroll also discussed graduation briefly insofaras we are weighing our options for a graduation venue that makes the most sense within Covid-19 restrictions.

    It was requested that we meet earlier next week for "The Senior Lounge" so Dr. Carroll will try to schedule it for 1:45 or 2:00. It will be announced early next week. 

    Homework: Bring a friend to the next, "The Senior Lounge."

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  • The Senior Lounge, issue 3/3

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 3/3/2021

    Dr. Carroll met with Most Excellent 2021 seniors about ongoing plans for senior prom. Senior advisors and administration are in discussion with Anthony's Pier 9 about the feasibility of holding the prom there and abiding by Covid regulations. It will most likely be a prom in waves of 150 students for two hours each. Prom will take place the week leading up to graduation, probably June 23 or 24. Also being discussed is the possibility of holding prom at AHS, but this seems to be a less popular idea than going to Pier 9.

    There will be a trivia competition on 3/17 at 2:30 that is being planned by the Small Schools Committee.

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  • The Senior Lounge, issue 2/24

    Posted by Richard Carroll on 2/24/2021 2:15:00 PM

    Dr. Carroll held the inaugural, "The Senior Lounge," today and shared Most Excellent Class Ever updates that included:

    1. Tip of the day on restarting frozen Chromebooks. Click here for more information. 

    2. Buff Bowl is taking place on Weds., 3/3 from 2:30-5:30. Sign ups due by Thursday, 2/25. Advisors will now have a "draft" on Monday around 2:00 p.m. and the Google classroom link will be shared with coaches. Only players with ALL completed paperwork will be able to participate. 

    3. A TRIVIA EVENT will take place on Weds., 3/17 and is being organized by the small schools committee. More information will be forthcoming. 

    4. Sunday, May 16, tentatively from 8-12, will be the Puff Bowl. More details to follow.

    5. Senior advisors and administration are actively working on a prom-like event and they are currently focused on what venue makes the most sense. We want seniors to enjoy a memorable and meaningful event that is safe and fits within state Covid guidelines. 

    6. Many scholarships are available and accessible through Naviance. Check them out! Also, look into applying for scholarships through the AEF

    We will announce the next Senior Lounge installment soon.

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