Art Department

  • Arlington Art Department


    New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.  

    Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts
    Knowing and Using Art Materials and Resources
    Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
    Understanding Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts
    The art program offers 18 courses in art beginning with Studio in Art and continuing to AP Studio Art. There are several exciting areas of study such as Ceramics, Glassworking, Photography, Design, Sculpture, Computer Graphics, Drawing and Painting and AP Art History.
    Students enjoy taking these courses for a variety of reasons including developing a portfolio for continuing with art in college or to take a class in which to explore new media. In a strong academic setting it is often pleasant to be able do something in visual terms. Art study and art activities engage the learner in right brain thinking and leads to divergent ways of problem solving. Students feel satisfied when they have tried their hardest and are encouraged by supportive art teachers. 
    The art department faculty members are Mrs. Appler, Ms. Asendorf, Mr. Bayliss, Ms. Buhler, Ms. Griffin, Ms. Meyer, Mrs. Ras, Ms. Yess and Mrs. Freeswick (Coordinator). Each faculty member is devoted to working with a range of talents and abilities so that every student can have a positive art experience.