Transcript Request

  • Please provide the following information to obtain a transcript for past graduates
    or former students:

    1) Name while you attended Arlington High School
    2) Year of Graduation (or dates of attendance if you left before graduation)
    3) Date of Birth
    4) Name of College and Mailing address
    5) Your phone number
    6) Official/Unofficial how many copies and if you want them mailed or will
    pick up.

    Official transcripts are sent by the school directly to the agency, employer
    or school to which you are applying. They carry the school seal to prove
    their authenticity.

    Unofficial transcripts can be mail/email to your home, if requested.
    We do not have copies of diplomas. Proof of graduation is verified by the

    If a fax is acceptable, please provide a fax number.

    Please email your request to:

    Please allow 2 to 3 days for processing.

    Thank you!