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    Over the next few days there will be suggested at home pre-season workouts for the different areas. 

    General Breakdown

    1) Distance Runners (800m- 3200m)

    2) Sprinters (100m/200m/400m), Hurdlers, Jumpers, Vaulters

    3) Throwing (Shot put, Javelin, Hammer, Discus)


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Name Grade
Vanessa Aguilar Perez 9
Kirsten Anastasio 9
LaNasia Anderson 10
Zinnia Bailey 9
Janneke Baks 10
Julianna Biscoff 11
Charlize Bocianowski 11
Olivia Bohrman 9
Amanda Burren 10
Lily Burt 11
Liliana Camaj 10
Georgia Cambell 11
Frankie Cambell-Huston 12
Riley Cargain 12
Kira Casucci 9
Maria Commisso 11
Ashley Cousins 9
Autumn Croshier 9
Britttany Deary 10
Isabella De La Cruz 10
Brianna DeProssino 9
Kendra Enriquez 12
Leilani Flores 11
Courtney Foltz 9
Nikki Geiger 10


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