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    After school help. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1112

    Homework / Announcements / Files   (please check all weeks below to gain access to assignments). 

    FULL COPY AND AUDIO: And Then There Were None


    • Tues. Review Materials and Finish Writing Assignment #4.
    • Weds.Study / Do Review Packet (*LINK TO KAHOOT REVIEW)
    • Thurs.  TEST And Then There Were None 100 points
    • Friday. Prepare and finish Writing Assignment Project. See back of Writing Assignment #5 for details. Two rough/Final drafts due on Monday, November 19th. 100 Points All prompts are listed on earlier dates with links. 


    • Mon. Finish ATTWN Epilogue + Manuscript with Questions, Study and bring materials.
    • Weds- Study, Bring Materials, Review Outline
    • Thurs.  ESSAY DAY 1  **First Quarter CFA**
    • Friday. ESSAY DAY 2


    10/29-11/2:  Study Questions for Chapters 13- end (not required for submission, but you should know each answer).

    • Monday Night HW: CH. 13
    • Tuesday Night HW: CH. 14 
    • Wednesday Night HW: CH. 15 + Writing Assignment #4
    • Thursday Night HW: CH. 16
    • Friday Night HW: Finish BOOK / Finish Epilogue and Manuscript

    10/22-10/26: Be sure to have completed the writing assignment posted on 10/19 (link below)

    • Monday Night HW: CH. 10 + Study Guide
    • Tuesday Night HW: CH. 11+ Study Guide
    • ½ Day Wednesday Night HW: NONE
    • Thursday Night HW: CH. 12 + Study Guide
    • Friday Night HW: CH. 13 + Study Guide, Finish Writing Assignment (#3 of #5 --you will submit two of the five writing assignments, edited, along with the originals for a full 100 point test grade in week nine).










    • Monday- Project Work
    • Tuesday- Finish Lunchroom Murder Writing (one per group)
    • NO SCHOOL Wednesday- Finish Pre-Reading Questions, begin vocabulary (see key)
    • Thursday- Read Chapter 1 parts 1-4, work on vocabulary
    • Friday- Finish Vocab sheet (all 30 words), Finish Ch. 1 and Study Guide, work on project.






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