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    After school help. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1112   


    Homework / Announcements / Files   (please check all weeks below to gain access to assignments). 


     CALENDAR of events (click link) May 13th - END OF THE YEAR 



    April 23-May 10th 

    • All assignments were posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM (related to the RESEARCH PROJECT). 
      • The last 5 weeks have been dedicated solely to this project; and, over 2 full weeks were days given in class to work on it, either in the library or on Chromebooks. The Final Paper is due before 3:15 pm on Friday, May 17th. No late papers will be accepted after this time.

    April 8-12

    • M- Debates
    • T- Introduction to Research Project (with Chromebooks), Review your packet and get parent slip signed and returned BEFORE April 23rd!!
    • W- In-class notes, research, and primary research sheet
    • Th-Primary research sheet due before the end of class. More notes/research. Finish 1st Google Classroom Assignment for HW.
    • F-  Finalize notes and practice using Google Classroom. Parent slips due upon return from break. 

    April 1-5 

    • M- Debate Prep
    • T- Test/Essay Prep *All make-up work due Weds. 4/3 by 3:15pm*
    • W- In-class final exam day one of three
    • Th-In-class final exam day two of three
    • F-  In-class final exam day three of three (END OF Q3)



    Audio (YouTube link):

    Questions for HW:

    Book (online):



    March 25-29 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M- TEST Chapters 12-22
    • T- Debate preparations (grade sheets distributed in class) *All make-up work due Weds. 4/3 by 3:15pm*
    • W- Debate prep. / Public Speaking Drills
    • Th-Debate prep. / Public Speaking Drills
    • F-  Begin Debates (Essay Q3 begins on Weds. 4/3)

    March 18-23☘ HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M- Review Chapters 18-20 (Quiz Tues)
    • T- Quiz 18-20 and begin reading Ch. 21
    • W- Finish the book in class and review questions (note: all 21 and 22 questions are not due for HW).  
    • Th-Review Chapters 12-22. TEST FRIDAY. 
    • F-  TEST 12-22 ******POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY 3/25

    March 11-15☘ HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M- Read and complete Chapters 13 and 14, prepare 12-14 questions on loose-leaf--Due Tues.
    • T- Read Chapters 15, 16, 17 and complete loose-leaf questions (Due Weds.)
    • W- Review 12-17, study for 12-17 quiz (multiple choice), finish any outstanding Literature Circle activities.  
    • Th-QUIZ 12-17--The day will be ½ independent reading, ½ Manzanar Work (Bring both books and finish Ch. 18 in Manzanar)
    • F-  Read and finish Chapters 19-20, along with reading questions. Be ready for a quiz on 18-20 

    March 4-7 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M-2hr. Delay* Begin viewing American Pastime-film study WWII internment camps. Work on viewing guide (distributed in class)
      • American Pastime is a 2007 film set in the Topaz War Relocation Center, a Utah prison camp which held thousands of people during the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. *Directed by Desmond Nakano*
    • TAmerican Pastime viewing, work on viewing guide again. 
    • W-Finish American Pastime and finalize viewing guide and writing prompt (about one page on loose-leaf)--See viewing guide for details (DUE THURS). 
    • Th-The day will be ½ independent reading, ½ Manzanar (Bring both books and finish Ch. 12 in Manzanar)
    • F- NO CLASSES (Sup't Conf. Day) FINISH WRITING ASSIGNMENT DETAILED IN VIEWING GUIDE (Due Monday) * one-page loose-leaf response to 1 of 4 prompts on viewing log.

      2/25-3/1 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

      • Monday: Read Ch. 7, 8, 9 + 7-11 Questions (DUE Tuesday)  THAT’S TOMORROW IN CLASS!!!!!!!
        • Read Ch. 9 for HW and keep up with questions. We will read 10 and 11 tomorrow in class. 7-11 due by end of the period.
      • Tuesday: Review / Make study guides / Study
        • Test on Friday, After School Help TUESDAY ONLY
      • Weds: Study (test Friday loose-leaf notes)
      • Thursday: Literature Circle
      • Friday: No Journal, TEST (NO HW)

    2/19-2/22 HW: Bring IR Book each day

    • T- NONE
    • W- Finish Reading Ch. 4, and 5 (finish questions if you can)
    • Th-Read and finish Chs. 4-6 HW (on loose-leaf)--DUE TOMORROW
    • F-Read Ch. 7 and 8 (no Journal this week)

    2/4-2/8 HW: Bring IR Book each day

    • M-Distribute Unit Packet and take Notes WWII
    • Tues HW: Finish anticipation guide #1-6
    • Weds HW: Finish anticipation guide #7-10
    • Thursday HW: Finish KWP Sheet
    • Friday HW: Finish Reading Foreward, Ch. 1, IR Journal (Periods 6 and 8 only)


    1/28-2/1 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M-Finish any outstanding group assignments for "Probable Passage" and Short Stories
    • T- SNOW DAY
    • W-2-Hr. Delay / Early Dismissal 
    • Th-Introduction to Stereotypes and Biases. Work on Pre-reading Ch. 1 of new text. HW postponed due to delay (Possible Sentences Activity).  
    • F-  Independent Reading (Journal DUE MONDAY) / Finish Chapter 1 in FtM / review and submit Possible Sentences Activity.

    1/14-1/18 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M-Review "Probable Passage" Guidelines / Assign group roles for short story reading
      • See link to left "Short Stories" to get access to each story printed in class. 
    • T- Finish Probable Passage worksheet and read secret article (see link for all materials)
    • W-Group work day-pick a short story (one per group, with no repeats) and fill out "Probable Passage" form using the story clues. Then, begin reading your story together. MAKE-UP WORK DUE TOMORROW
    • Th-Reading / Working Day ***All stories must be read by Friday*** 

    1/3-1/11 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • W-Intro to Poe, no HW
    • Th-Notes and group discussion on Poe 1st paragraph, review POE VOCABULARY
    • F- Independent Reading in class, begin "The Cask of Amontillado" through page 235
    • M-Read and finish "The Cask of Amontillado," by Edgar Allan Poe, Complete the corresponding Study Guide (link)
    • T- Plot Pyramid Poe (see link Plot Chart), study while working on review packet
      • Kahoot! - open this link in one browser tab, then play the game on another device/tab
    • W- Review Day--Essay Thursday and Friday on Values, Choices, and Consequences. See previous weeks for study materials and stories.
    • Th-Essay Day #1
    • F-  Essay Day #2

     12/17-12/21 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    • M- Complete your Plot Pyramid for "TMDG" (see link in previous week)
    • T-  Complete Writing Assignment #8, study for quiz
      • Kahoot! - open this link in one browser tab, then play the game on another device/tab
    • Th- NONE
    • F- IR Journal

     12/10-12/14 HW: Bring IR Book each day 

    Additional Story Resources:

     12/3-12/7 HW: Bring IR Book each day

    11/26-11/30- HW: Look for an IR Book (due in class by Monday Dec. 3).

    • Monday night-continue to search for an IR Book (see my classroom library by checking out the above link).
    • Tuesday Night- Sniper Study Guide + Read the short story "The Sniper," by Liam O'Flaherty
      • Glossary of Literary Terms (used to help you define the terms on your study guide).
    • Weds- Arrive on Time Thursday / Friday
    • Thurs/Friday-Have an IR Book by Monday
    • *Be @ Library Thurs and Friday

    *ATTWN Movie Day 4 Tuesday, Movie Day 3 Thursday (after school).

     11/13-11/20 **Major Writing Project Due by 11/19/2018**

    • Tues. Review Materials and Finish Writing Assignment #4.
    • Weds.Study / Do Review Packet (*LINK TO KAHOOT REVIEW)
    • Thurs.  TEST And Then There Were None 100 points
    • Friday. Prepare and finish Writing Assignment Project. See back of Writing Assignment #5 for details. Two rough/Final drafts due on Monday, November 19th. 100 Points All prompts are listed on earlier dates with links. 


    • Mon. Finish ATTWN Epilogue + Manuscript with Questions, Study and bring materials.
    • Weds- Study, Bring Materials, Review Outline
    • Thurs.  ESSAY DAY 1  **First Quarter CFA**
    • Friday. ESSAY DAY 2

     10/29-11/2:  Study Questions for Chapters 13- end (not required for submission, but you should know each answer).

    • Monday Night HW: CH. 13
    • Tuesday Night HW: CH. 14 
    • Wednesday Night HW: CH. 15 + Writing Assignment #4
    • Thursday Night HW: CH. 16
    • Friday Night HW: Finish BOOK / Finish Epilogue and Manuscript

    10/22-10/26: Be sure to have completed the writing assignment posted on 10/19 (link below)

    • Monday Night HW: CH. 10 + Study Guide
    • Tuesday Night HW: CH. 11+ Study Guide
    • ½ Day Wednesday Night HW: NONE
    • Thursday Night HW: CH. 12 + Study Guide
    • Friday Night HW: CH. 13 + Study Guide, Finish Writing Assignment (#3 of #5 --you will submit two of the five writing assignments, edited, along with the originals for a full 100 point test grade in week nine).




     9/24-9/28: FULL COPY AND AUDIO: And Then There Were None


    • Monday- Project Work
    • Tuesday- Finish Lunchroom Murder Writing (one per group)
    • NO SCHOOL Wednesday- Finish Pre-Reading Questions, begin vocabulary (see key)
    • Thursday- Read Chapter 1 parts 1-4, work on vocabulary
    • Friday- Finish Vocab sheet (all 30 words), Finish Ch. 1 and Study Guide, work on project.





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