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David Gatta

BSE Physical Education - SUNY Cortland
MS Athletic Training - West Virginia University


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Arlington High School and to teach your child Physical Education this year. The goal of our Physical Education Program is to provide a comprehensive program that will empower students to become physically literate, self-directed, lifelong learners. Students will utilize their resources to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through physical activities that promote collaboration and fitness.

Through their research, experts have shown that quality health and physical education programs help build physical, mental, and emotional strength. These are critical lessons students need as they heal, re-socialize, and adapt in their new learning environment. The course content offered through these programs promote the health related and social emotional skills students need to cope with the stress of everyday life, which has been intensified by the pandemic and the disparities plaguing our country. These skills include mindfulness, resiliency, courage, self-awareness, self-management, nutrition education, physical fitness, trust, on-line safety, and conflict resolution.

I would like to highlight some information to support/help your child achieve success. Physical Education is a full year course from September to June with multiple units. The units of emphasis include cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and personal fitness performance/concepts. Throughout the course of the year, students will be required to submit two 20 minute fitness logs each week, complete a weekly 5 question quiz and participate in weekly live instruction via Google Meet. Students will be assessed on their activity logs, personal and social responsibility, content knowledge, and engagement. The importance of fitness concepts and the acquisition of fitness concepts for a healthy life-style will be emphasized in each unit. 

Below are the links to the rubrics and physical activity log that will be utilized throughout class. If you have any questions, you may call 486-4860 x 31248 or e mail dgatta@acsdny.org.   My cell phone number is 845-859-0609.   The Google Classroom code for your student is twdsscg.   


Instruction Rubric - Class Engagement 


Instruction Rubric - Personal & Social Responsibility 


Instruction Rubric - Physical Activity Log 




David Gatta, ATC