Athlete of the Month picks 2019-2020


    Here are the Varsity Cheerleading picks for Athlete of the Month!! :)



    Our pick for September Athlete of the Month is Alyssa Graham. This is Alyssa's second year on Varsity and she is an amazing athlete in our program. Alyssa made the All-American team this summer at NCA camp; a very high achievement in the cheerleading world, where she was given the opportunity to perform with thousands of talented cheerleaders from across the country in a New Years Day parade overseas. She always brings a positive attitude to practices, games, and competitions and believes in her teammates ability to perform at their absolute best. Alyssa worked extremely hard on overcoming her mental block in tumbling and now performs both her running and standing backhandspring with excellent technique. I am very proud to coach such a dedicated athlete that shows her great sportsmanship both on and off the mat. 



    Our pick for October Athlete of the Month is Gaby Silva. Gaby is one of our freshmen and this is her first year on Varsity. Coming from an all-star cheerleading background, it can be difficult to adapt to high school cheerleading. However, Gaby has taken on this challenge with ease! She has both the technique needed for flying and the strength needed for basing. Since the beginning of our season, Gaby has thrown both her roundoff back handspring back tuck and her roundoff back handspring layout. She is also working on standing back tucks and roundoff back handspring fulls!! Her teammates can always come to her for advice on correct stunting technique or a little encouragement. We recognize her for her infectious positive attitude and diligence for both her and her teammates! Way to go, Gaby!



    Our athlete of the month pick for December is Melanie Simons. This is Melanie’s third year on Varsity and fourth with Arlington cheer. She always comes to practice on time, ready to work hard and do her best for the team. Melanie has stunted as a base the past three years. When we needed to move our routine around this season, Melanie stepped up and took on a new position of flying. She is always willing to help another stunt group out and give stunting advice, and will even take time out of her practice time to assist our JV cheerleaders. I am proud to have coached Melanie over the past three years, and admire her ability to push herself and those around her.



    Our athlete of the month for January is Gianna McGaughey. This is Gianna’s fourth season on Varsity. She is one of our strongest flyers and most dedicated athletes. Her extensive knowledge of flying makes her the perfect teammate to give advice to our newbie and JV flyers. Gianna gets us a lot of points in competitions due to her sharp motions and ability to perform. I am so proud to coach such a motivated and committed athlete with a large positive impact on our program.



    Our athlete of the month for February is Alyanna Morton. Alyanna has made the NCA All-American team three times over the course of her time as an Arlington cheerleader. This is an opportunity that you need to be invited to tryout for. After making the team, Alyanna had three great experiences joining athletes across the country in cheering at the New Year’s Day parade, twice in London and once in Rome. She also made Large School All-League in both the Fall and Winter seasons this year. Alyanna is the type of athlete every coach wants on their team. She is hardworking, motivating, and dedicated - along with being talented. I am so proud of who she is in addition to all of her accomplishments.


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