name year position number
Buttinger, Scott Sr. D 4
Cocca, Anthony Fr. F 15
Cocca, Michael Sr. F 21
D'Angelo, Anthony Sr. MF 23
DeBonis, Daniel So. F 27
Devendorf, Ned Sr. MF 10
Giorgi, Nick Jr. GK 99
Lasek, Christian Sr. D 22
Lavariega, Jeffrey So. F 9
Lavariega, Sergio Sr. MF 19
Lawrence, Nathan Sr. GK 1
Lovell, Rian Jr. MF 12
Marks, Alexander Sr. D 16
Marks, Benjamin Sr. GK 18
Mlynarski, Martin Jr. D 20
Natalizio, Joseph So. MF 7
Romero, Alexis Sr. MF/F 28
Sanborn, Jared Sr. D/MF 24
Scalessa, Robert Sr. D/MF 8
Sherman, Robert Jr. F 11
Simmons, Evan So. MF 14
Soto, Luke So. D 5
Sturans, Alexander Jr. D/MF 13
Zimmerlie, Christopher So. MF 6


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