Director's Corner

  • Mr. Cring

    Parents, Student Athletes and Members of the Arlington Athletic Community,

    Please note the district has a procedure in grades 7 & 8 for Advanced Athletic Placement.  This process is described on the athletic home page and the full packet of information is listed under forms.

    The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the NYSPHSAA have partnered to challenge member schools to participate in the NAIA 5 Star Leadership Program.  Schools that complete all 5 stars of the program will receive a banner highlighting the accomplishment that is funded by the NAIA.  It is my goal for our athletic program to be a 5 Star Leadership program in 2016-17.   The 5 Stars are listed below. Star 1 is a challenge to be met by our student athletes.  Stars 2 and 3 are my responsibility as your athletic director.  Star 4 and 5 are the responsibility of the coaches.  Please support all stakeholders who also share my vision to be a 5 Star program.  
    Thank you and Go Admirals!

    * Star 1- Participate in the NYSPHSAA Community Service program.
    * Star 2- Attendance at the NYSPHSAA Conference in March
    * Star 3- Complete the NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Promotion Survey
    * Star 4- All varsity head coaches complete the on-line Champions of Character coaching course.

    * Star 5-Show one short online video at a mandatory parents, coaches, player meeting.  
       Here is the link to the parent video by the NAIA.
    Preseason Parent Video #1

    The Arlington Central School District mission is to empower all students to be self-directed, lifelong learners, who willingly contribute to their community, and lead passionate, purposeful lives.



    Questions and Answers Regarding the Athletic Code of Conduct

    Q:     Why do athletes have to be held to a different standard of behavior than regular students?
    A:      The Arlington Central School District believes that it is a privilege to participate in interscholastic athletics and wear the maroon and gold uniform. The decision to play brings with it an expectation that the athlete will live a healthy lifestyle and serve as a role model for appropriate sportsmanship and behavior. We recognize that the student athletes are young men and women who will make mistakes. The rules and regulations provide a means to work your way back onto a team. We are a learning organization and we believe that young people can learn from their experiences. It requires an honest examination of yourself and the ability to reflect on a situation and learn from it.
    Q:     Shouldn’t all students who participate in extracurricular activities be held to the rules and regulations of a Code of Honor?
    A:       The High School will be examining a Code of Honor that can be applied to all extracurricular activities during the 2010-2011 school year. A recommendation regarding expanding the auspices of the Code of Honor will be made to the Board of Education before the end of this school year.
    Q:     Is it necessary for student-athletes to inform on the behavior of their friends and teammates?
    A:      No. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to understand the expectations for their own behavior and to live up to those expectations.
    Q:      During what period of time is the Code of Honor in effect for athletes?
    A:      The rules and regulations of the Code of Honor are in effect during the entire school year and during official practice times that may occur outside of the school year.
    Q:      Why are athletes subject to the rules and regulations during the school year and not just during the seasons they are participating in a sport?
    A:      The school district believes it sends the wrong message to enforce the rules and regulations only in season. Most athletes participate in off-season conditioning and training sessions. We strongly believe that participation in sports builds personal character as well as athletic skill. There’s no off-season for character, you either embody it or you don’t.

    Q:     What happens if I disagree with the investigation into alleged conduct?
    A:      Both the athlete and the parents of the athlete have the right to appeal a disciplinary decision made by a coach or the Athletic Director. The appeal process is listed on page 6 of the Handbook.
    Q:     How will I know if my son or daughter has been part of a disciplinary investigation?
    A:      Your child’s coach or the administrator conducting the investigation will contact you if your son or daughter is questioned during an investigation. You should receive a phone call on the same day that the investigation took place.
    Q:     Why is it necessary to put expectations for spectators and parents in the Handbook. Is the school district telling me how to parent?
    A:      The expectations for spectators and parents are suggested guidelines. We think that modeling good sportsmanship and fair play is the right thing for adults to do at athletic contests. We are not in the business of telling parents how to behave or how to parent, but we do reserve the right to remove any spectator who is causing a significant disruption at an event.