• Medical and physical information for student athletes.

    Dear Parents:

    As required by the New York State Education Department, all students planning on playing a sport 
    must have an Athletic Physical.Please be sure that your child's most recent physical is on file in the AHS health office.

    The Arlington School District offers high school students Athletic Physicals during January and 
    June Regents week only. June physicals are for fall and winter sports. January physicals are for 
    spring sports. Physicals are done by appointment only. Students must sign up in the health office 
    for their physical. Dates for physicals will be posted in school and on the Athletic web page.
    A physical from the athlete's primary care physician will also be accepted.  The physical
    exam MUST clearly state that your child is cleared for sports participation.

    Clearance notes, including diagnosis, are required from the student’s doctor, for any recent 
    injuries, surgery, or chronic illness. The note must say that the student is “Cleared for 
    participation in interscholastic sports with no restrictions.”

    An “Emergency Medication Doctor’s Order Form” is required for any student needing an inhaler, Epi- 
    pen, or Benadryl.  This form is mandatory for all students requiring these medications.
    A "Clearance to return to Athletics after a Positive Covid-19 Test" completed by the student's physician
    is required for all athletes who have had a positive COVID-19 test result.
    The above referenced forms may be found on the Athletic website under Sports Medical Forms.
    Prior to participation in sports, parents must complete the Athletic Registration on FamilyID which will
    open approximately 30 days before the start of each new sports season.  Parents will find a link to the
    FamilyID website on the Arlington Athletics webpage.  After parents submit health information for their child,
    the information will be reviewed for sports clearance.  An email will be sent to the email address linked to your
    FamilyID account notifying you of your child's sports approval status.

    Please call the Health Office with any questions at 845-486-4860, Ext. 31313.  Documents may be 
    faxed to 845-350-4182 or emailed to

    Thank you,
    AHS Nurses