Course Information

  • COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This is a factor 9, year long biology course with a lab.  The goal of this course is to prepare you for the New York State Living Environment Regents Examination and help in your preparation for the Biology SAT Subject Exam.

    MATERIALS:  You must have the following in class everyday:

    • Three ring binder with notes, handouts, and extra loose-leaf paper.
    • Pens and pencils.
    • Your textbook: Miller and Levine: Biology (only if directed to do so).

    CLASSROOM POLICIES:Be on time, prepared, and positive!

    • Be seated with your homework and notebook out when the bell rings.
    • Please raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.
    • Respect each other and our classroom.
    • Follow directions and act appropriately at all times.

    ABSENCE POLICY:  This is a very fast paced course, and consistent attendance is essential for success.

    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missed work.
    • Make sure that you have the names and phone numbers of a few classmates that can inform you of what you missed while absent.  Feel free to contact me at:
    • If you are absent the day an assignment is due, turn it in the next day you are in class.  (Of course, a legal admit pass must also be shown).
    • Missed homework assignments, labs, and tests must be made up within one week of returning from an absence.
    • Class assignments, labs, quizzes, or tests missed due to an illegal absence will be given ZERO credit.
    • Come see me before or after class if you have questions about any work that you missed.


    • Late homework is not accepted and there are no makeup quizzes/ tests.
    • Labs are a crucial component of this course.  Some of them will need to be typed up as formal lab reports.  In order to be admitted to the Living Environment Regents Exam in June, you have to have successfully completed 1200 minutes of laboratory work.  (More to come on the lab requirement).
    • Collaboration with others is important in the process of scientific understanding.  When directed, you will be asked to collaborate with classmates regarding your thoughts on a particular topic.  Let it be made clear, however, that collaboration does not mean identical answers.  Have your own thoughts and write these down in your own words… otherwise, it is considered cheating and will result in administrative action.
    • Homework should be done on a clean sheet of loose leaf paper or computer paper with a heading
    • GRADING POLICY:  Your grade is based on a points system.  At any time, you may determine your grade by adding up all of the points you have earned and dividing by the total points possible for that quarter.  Here is an ESTIMATE for how points are distributed:
    • TESTS= 40%      LABS= 25%         HW=20%              QUIZZES= 15%

      The overall grade for this course will be calculated as follows:

      1st quarter         =              20%

      2nd quarter          =              20%

      3rd quarter          =              20%

      4th quarter          =              20%

      Final Exam         =              20%

      (Honors final exam, 25% and Regents exam, 75%)

      SAT EXAM (formerly known as the SAT II):  This course helps to prepare you for the SAT Subject Exam in Biology.  This is a one hour, multiple choice exam given by the College Board (who also gives the SAT exam).  Taking this test is optional; your performance does not affect your grade in this course.  Do keep in mind that many of the competitive colleges do have SAT Subject exam requirements.

      EXTRA HELP:  Extra help is available most weeks Wednesday and  Thursday after school until 3:15 pm in room 2317.   I am here to help, so please don’t be shy!

      TIPS FOR SUCCESS:  This is a difficult, fast paced course.  We cover a tremendous amount of material and it is quite normal to at times, feel a bit overwhelmed.  Try to stay on top of the work, keep up with the monthly assignment calendar, and read over your notes, handouts, and textbook on a daily basis.  I suggest you find some ‘study buddies’ to help you in reviewing material, and please be reassured that I am always here to help.