• Homework 3/23-3/27

    Monday, 3/23-Friday, 3/37--This is Spring Vacation!  If you have some freetime and you're bored, read something of your choice!

    Please complete the suvey listed under Regents Links by Friday, 3/27!

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  • Homework 3/16-3/20

    Monday, 3/16--Begin Rung #3 of your Non-fiction Reading Ladder (read for 10 minutes and note the date and your end page.)  Read Chapter 5 of Maus I through the comic within a comic, "Prisoner on the Hell Planet."

    Tuesday, 3/17--Continue Rung #3 of Reading Ladder (read for 10 minutes and note the date and your end page.)  Answer the reading guide questions for "Prisoner on the Hell Planet."

    Wednesday, 3/18--Continue Rung #3 and finish reading Chapter 5 of Maus I.

    Thursday, 3/19--Continue Rung #3 and being reading Chapter 6 of Maus I.

    Firday, 3/20--Complete Text Study on Rung #3 of your reading ladder, and finish Chapter 6 of Maus I.

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  • Homework 3/9-3/12

    Monday, 3/9--Complete 10 minutes of Independent Reading and note the date and what page you are on on Rung #2 of your Non-Fiction Reading Ladder Packet, study for Vocabulary 4 Quiz on Thursday

    Tuesday, 3/10--Complete Maus Reading Guide for Chapter 3, study for Vocabulary Quiz

    Wednesday, 3/11--Study for Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow

    Thursday, 3/12--Complete Maus Reading Guide for Chapter 4 and complete Rung #2 reading for Thursday and Text Study

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  • Homework 3/2-3/6

    Monday, 3/2--Word Clue #4 due on Wed., Final Draft of Mythology Research Paper due Mon., 3/9, meet in Library

    Tuesday, 3/3--Complete Rung #1 of Nonfiction Reading Ladder, Final Draft due Mon.

    Wednesday, 3/4--Vocabulary 4 Definitions and Crossword due, Final Draft due Mon.

    Thursday, 3/5-Friday, 3/6--Final Draft due, Vocab. 4 Quiz Wednesday, 3/11

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  • Homework 2/24-2/28

    Monday, 2/24-Wednesday, 2/26--Rough Draft of Mythology Research Paper due.  It must be printed by your class period so it can be edited in class.

    Thursday, 2/27--Edit if Research Paper due

    Friday, 2/28--Final Draft of Mythology Research Paper due 3/9

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  • Homework 2/18-2/21

    Tuesday, 2/18--Rough draft of Works Cited for Mythology Research Paper due

    Wednesday, 2/19-Thursday, 2/20--Outline for Research Paper due

    Friday, 2/21--Rough Draft of Research Paper due

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  • Homework 2/3-2/7

    Monday, 2/3--Checkpoint #3 in Library will occur at the end of the period tomorrow, 2/4.  You should be prepared to show notes on your 3rd subtopic from your 3rd source.

    Tuesday, 2/4-Wednesday, 2/5--Checkpoint #4 will be at the end of the period Thursday, 2/6

    Thursday, 2/6-Friday, 2/7--Mythology Research Paper Notes due Monday, 2/10

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  • Homework 1/27-1/31

    Your Myth Summary and Subtopic Worksheets are past due! Get them in ASAP!

    Monday, 1/27-Tuesday, 1/28--The first Library Participation Checkpoint will be at the end of class on Wednesday.  By then, you should have completed one source card and five note cards on one subtopic.

    Wednesday, 1/29-Thursday, 1/30--The second Library Participation Checkpoint will be at the end of class Friday.  by then, another source card and five more note cards on a second subtopic are due.

    Friday, 1/31--Remaining Library Participation Checkpoints will be next week on Tuesday, 2/4, and Thursday, 2/6.

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  • Homework 1/2-1/3

    Thursday, 1/2-Friday, 1/3--Complete Reading Guide Questions for what's read of Brighton Beach Memoirs in class

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  • Homework 12/9-12/13

    Monday, 12/9--Study for Out of the Dust Test tomorrow

    Tuesday, 12/10--Read the sections in the quotation packet about quoting "Poetry" and "Omission in a Quotation of Poetry"

    Wednesday, 12/11--Think about Text Analysis Response

    Thursday, 12/12--Write Vocabulary Lesson 3 Sentences

    Friday, 12/13--Finish Brighton Beach Memoirs picture

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