• Homework 3/23-3/27

    Monday, 3/23-Friday, 3/27--This is Spring Vacation!  If you have some freetime and you're bored, read something of your choice!

    Please complete the survey listed under Honors Links by Friday, 3/27!

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  • Homework 3/16-3/20

    Monday, 3/16--Complete last rung on Non-fiction Reading Ladder and complete Conflict/Theme sheets for Book Group Book.

    Tuesday, 3/17--Answer Identity Questions for Book Group Book (see Honors Handouts.)

    Wednesday, 3/18-Friday, 3/20--Complete Character Mood Graph assignment (see Honors Handouts.)

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  • Homework 3/9-3/12

    Monday, 3/9-Thursday, 3/12--You have one more week for Non-fiction Independent Reading, and your Book Group Book needs to be completed by Mon. 3/16.  You also need to have a completed vocabulary list and quiz for Tues. 3/17.

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  • Homework 3/2-3/6

    Monday, 3/2-Thursday, 3/5--Follow Book Group Reading Schedule, study for Sentence Structure Test on Friday

    Firday, 3/6--Read and bring IRB

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  • Homework 2/24-2/28

    Monday, 2/24-Thursday, 2/27--Follow Reading Schedule for Book Group Book, 2nd period: EWK Research Paper due Monday, 3/2

    Firday, 2/28--Read and bring Independent Reading Book, 2nd period: Paper due

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  • Homework 2/18-2/21

    Tuesday, 2/18--Follow Book Group Reading Schedule, complete Setting Activity

    Wednesday, 2/19--Follow Reading Schedule, complete exercises 6a and 6b, 7, and 8 in Sentence Errors Packet

    Thursday, 2/20--Follow Reading Schedule

    Friday, 2/21--Read and bring Independent Reading Book to class

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  • Homework 2/3-2/7

    Monday, 2/3--Vocabulary Lesson 4 Quiz tomorrow

    Tuesday, 2/4--Complete Exercise 3 in Sentence Structure Packet, follow reading calendar

    Wednesday, 2/5--Complete Exercise 4 in Sentence Packet, follow reading calendar

    Thursday, 2/6--Complete Exercise 5 in Sentence Packet, follow reading calendar

    Friday, 2/7--Read and bring IRB, follow reading calendar

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  • Homework 1/27-1/31

    Monday, 1/27--Look up To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary, Rough Draft of EWK Research Paper due Thursday, 1/30

    Tuesday, 1/28--Word Clue #4 due, Rough Draft of EWK Research Paper due Thursday

    Wednesday, 1/29--Rough Draft due

    Thursday, 1/30--Study for Vocabulary Lesson 4 Quiz Tuesday, 2/4

    Friday, 1/31--Finish Peer Edit, read and bring IRB, study for vocab quiz Tues.

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  • Homework 1/2-1/3

    Thursday, 1/2--Research Paper Outline due

    Friday, 1/3--Read and bring Independent Reading Book (IRB), read Brighton Beach Memoirs pp. 77-94 by Tuesday

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  • Homework 12/9-12/13

    Monday, 12/9--Write Vocabulary Lesson 3 Sentences

    Tuesday, 12/10--Crossword #3 and Word Clue #3 due Friday, meet in Computer Lab 1502 tomorrow

    Wednesday, 12/11-Thursday, 12/12--Rough Draft of Event Worth Knowing Works Cited due, Crossword #3 and Word Clue #3 due

    Friday, 12/13--Read and bring Independent Reading Book (IRB), Outline due 1/3

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