Ninth Grade Band

  • Ninth Grade Band is split up between Mr. Rzodkiewicz and Mr. Keech, and has two sections - Gold and Maroon. Placement is based on recommendation from a student's eighth grade music teacher. Student have the opportunity to reaudition for placement in January. The objectives for students in both Gold and Maroon Band include:

    • Foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts and specifically music
    • Establish a culture of lifelong participation in music
    • Create, perform, respond, and connect to music through the study of band literature
    • Foster interpersonal relationships through the study of music
    • Establish independent musicianship

    Both Ninth Grade Bands perform at three concerts throughout the year, including one with the Ninth Grade Orchestras. Additionally, students may have other performing opportunities throughout the year with small chamber music groups. All students are expected to regularly attend lessons on a rotating schedule.